Mehwish Hayat interviewed in a BBC show , produced by Angelina Jolie


Mehwish Hayat is soon going to appear in an interview show produced by Superstar Angelina Jolie, on BBC. The actress  announced it on her Instagram post along with the teaser of the interview.

 It is indeed a great achievement that the actor has made her mark internationally through her significant characters and sane voice , the way she is representing Pakistan internationally in a responsible way itself , is remarkable.

She said in the clip,

“I really want the male actor and the female actor to get an equal amount of money so they get the equal amount of respect,”

The actor has often talked about equality in terms of wages in showbiz, which are low for females .


she also said,

 “Social media, if used in the right way, can be really helpful, healthy and progressive. It can build people up.”

The actress said that the role that were essayed by her were the ones that broke stereotypes and helped the society to learn something from it .

The show is a production of Angelina Jolie, the show, titled BBC My World, aims to give young viewers real tools to stop fake news.

The show will be broadcasted weekly on Sundays on the BBC World News for half-an-hour.

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