Meera has a message regarding COVID 19


Film actress Meera has just talked about Corona virus on her social media and the fans got no chill about it. 

Earlier, a video was released by Meera in which she was talking about the widespread pandemic and also told that we can stay away from it by sterilization and eating halal. 

Fans are trolling her way of communication. There are many fans who are encouraging her that it is good to come up with such messages in this hour of panic and disturbance.

Baji Actor is simply narrating about the epidemic in a lighter tone, with some taking it as a joke isn’t a good idea at all.

One thing is a fact that we all need to be well informed about the Pandemic and it needs to be appreciated that our actors are constantly talking about it you never know whose message is taken seriously.


We must say that things need to be told more often whether fans troll it or not as Corona is no joke and our celebrities are doing their duty very well and we love our superstar Meera ji for that.

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