Maya Ali burst out in to tears


Maya Ali got emotional during her live session on instagram while telling the story about her Charity distribution. Maya Ali started crying whilst talking about a lady .

She said ” the lady yesterday called me , she told that there is a curfew in my area and I don’t have milk to feed my child “

The “Ho Man jahan” actor further said, “we are so privileged we have everything but these poor people, they won’t die of Corona but they will die of hunger “.

Maya’s friend sitting next to her told another story of Uber bike rider who had to do the rides to buy milk and eatables for his child.

These two stories broke Maya Ali into tears, the girl really has a heart of gold and we love our star.  We also got emotional and yes we feel motivated to do Charity by seeing such heart warming emotions.


It is the high time we should give charity to those who need us at this hour.

Here is the video of Maya Ali.

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