Mawra Hocane loves being compared to Sanam Saeed

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Mawra Hocane says that being compared to Sanam Saeed is indeed an honor for her.

If people have compared me with Sanam Saeed I think it is indeed an honour for me without any doubt, Says Mawra

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Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane is for sure a power star with 5million of Instagram followers and countless fan pages she is no wonder a queen of social media as well as the Queen of drama as her drama Sabaat was appreciated a lot by her fans especially first two episodes really depicted power of her acting skills .

Recently Mawra Hocane appeared in an interview on YouTube along with the anchor and media analyst Momin Ali Munshi. Momin told Mawra that fans are getting Zindagi Gulzar hay vibes from your character in Sabaat. To this question Mawra has replied,

” I think being compared with Sanan Saeed is indeed an honour for me, that’s a good comparison “

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Mawra Hocane has also revealed about actor  Ameer Gilani that he is her class fellow. Mawra has also disclosed that she is going abroad for her degree as she has just got her scholarship.

She also revealed that aangan will soon be available on digital platform in near future.

Mawra also said that an actor should never talk about any character that he was offered and he hasn’t done because it is not his/her credit at all.

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Well all these mature answer showed that how calm and composed Mawra Hocane is   , what do you guys think of her interview?

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