Mansha Pasha supports local content

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Mansha Pasha supports local content

Since the airing of Ertugrul, the fight between the actors have been started.

There are two groups of actors, some are in favor of foreign content some are against the foreign content.

Mansha Pasha has always been vocal about local content. She also has worked in some really great content oriented projects. She also supported Sarmad Khoosat’s Zindagi Tamasha which was banned.

Mansha Pasha

Recently the actress has jumped into favour of the airing of local content on television.

She says Pakistanis want the content to be of higher level and at the same time they use to prefer International content.

Mansha Pasha

She took it to the Twitter .

Her tweet reads,

“Pakistanis will say we want our Pakistani content to reach international heights.
Also Pakistani: we prefer foreign content becuz ALL Pakistani content is crap


Lets remember that God helps those who help themselves. “

Mansha Pasha

Well it’s true our people become sceptical even Pakistan having the huge market of drama industry they just criticise , also in the meantime giving rating to the same dramas as well. That’s unfair that they do not admit the creativity of our content.