Mansha Pasha hits back to trollers


Mansha Pasha is a talented and beautiful Pakistani actress also known for her instant replies to fans’ criticism.

And this time again the actress is under the scrutiny of Instagram followers where they criticised her, on not using filters for the picture as her body scars were clearly shown in the picture she posted on Instagram , responding to criticism she said that she does not believe in editing her pictures because she is also a normal person.


Actress Mansha Pasha, who is known for expressing her opinions loudly and clearly , said that I do not want to give the impression that a woman is always ready wearing a lot of fancy clothes and make up.

It happened when Mansha Pasha shared a photo on Instagram .She wrote the caption that after wearing a red lipstick, nothing can go wrong with you but fans actually tried to spoil her day but our brave lady did not sit calmly on that and clapped back.

She was criticised on her scars that were shown in the skirt she was wearing . One of the users said, “it would have not happened if you’d have worn Shalwar Qameez “.


previously , the actress was criticised on her engagement and her previous relationship , which was called off. She also schooled the haters on that account.

Well, we believe that if you are a follower and fan of a particular celebrity , you must appreciate them instead of unhealthy criticism , which leads the nation towards negativity .

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