Mansha Pasha opens up about the worrisome consequences of bullying on kids


The talented and beautiful actress Mansha Pasha opens up about the ugly consequences of bullying on the mental health of children.

The actress says that it is not acceptable to bully kids, she says that the outcomes of bullying for children are worst as they think about killing themselves after being ridiculed by the peer group.


She urges  to parents ” if  you really want to educate your kids just teach them to be kind and helpful to everyone “.  She says that childhood is a precious time of children and it should be spent in a healthier way.


Now a days, a video has been viral on social media in which a mother has raised the issue of bullying, the Australian lady conveyed that how badly bullying has impacted her son’s mental health.

Well, the peers who are involved in bullying are in a poor mental condition which later on worsens .  It is the duty of parents to be the best  trainers. Well trained minds work well in the society.



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