Mansha Pasha and Mishi Khan congratulate Manzar Sehbai and Samina Ahmad

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Mansha Pasha and Mishi Khan congratulate  Manzar Sehbai and Samina Ahmad.

The two of our famous actresses have so far congratulated the most amazing couple of the year 2020 and so far according to fans it is the best thing happened in the start of year amid corona outbreak. Actress Mishi Khan and Mansha Pasha both on their twitter handles wished the elegant couple wishes and luck.

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Mishi Khan

Actress Mishi Khan took to her twitter about their wedding and wished them.

She wrote, “

My heartiest congratulations to #SaminaAhmed and Sir #ManzarSehbai for this happy new beginning. It was awesome news. Mashallah stay blessed & happy always “

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Mansha Pasha

Actress Mansha Pasha also wished the couple.

Mansha Pasha wrote,

“The news of Samina Apa and Manzar Sahebs wedding has brought such a smile to my face. They look super cute in white and best of all, they look happy. ♥️
Wishing them all the best and thank u for bringing a smile to our faces and hope in our heart during this bleak time!”

Well ,not only these two actresses but all the fans loved the news and wished tons of good lucks to the couple.  Fans loved them and loved this trend setting by the graceful couple.

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Samina Ahmad And Manzar Sehbai

The fans response really proved that our society is going towards progression which is much needed.