Malaysian PM Mahathir Muhammad Resigns


Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad has resigned. Mahathir Muhammad’s party is planning to form a new government. Mahathir’s resignation is also linked with it.

According to details, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Muhammad has resigned. The statement issued by Mahathir Muhammad said that his resignation had been sent to the king.

According to foreign media, Mahathir Muhammad’s party is planning to form a new government and Mahathir Muhammad’s resignation is a link in the series. Anwar Ibrahim will not be included in the new government.

It is to be remembered that Mahathir Muhammad’s party had separated from the ruling party due to the political turmoil in the country. Mahathir Muhammad formed a coalition with his rival Anwar Ibrahim in 2018.

There had been differences between Mahathir Muhammad and Anwar Ibrahim over various political issues, after which Mahathir Muhammad’s party is expected to form a new government without Anwar Ibrahim.

94 years old Mahathir Muhammad and 72 years old Anwar Ibrahim are considered as strong political rivals. Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Muhammad announced his resignation a few days ago, saying he was mentally ready to relinquish his power at any time, though he will resign after November.

The Malaysian Prime Minister said, “I made this decision after consulting the Awami Justice Party Chairman Anwar Ibrahim. The idea of ​​giving up the post is already in my mind so that the political parties can come forward and play their role for the country.”