Mahjabeen’s character in pyar kay sadqay is breath of fresh air

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Mahjabeen’s character in pyar kay sadqay is like a fresh breath of air. Yumna Zaidi is flawless in her acting with a natural way of delivering her dialogues.

The character has all its innocence intact however, the character is now married into a well-off family.  The character is right now only interested in her husband and really wants to embrace him by heart. On the other hand, Abdullah is just confused but he has started liking her because no one can resist her.

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Yunma Zaidi

Sarwar has been proving himself a genuine offender and a villain by trapping Mah jabeen, (Yumna Zaidi ) into his conspired plan.

Ateeqa Odho has been proving herself a very kind mother-in-law. Here the credit goes to the writer, actors and director who are taking up the story perfectly well.

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Mahjabeen and Abdullah

Let’s see how the story gets settled in coming episodes as Sarwar will unveil his corrupt strategies.

Let’s see how Mahjabeeb and Abdullah will fight for their love in Pyar kay sadqay .

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