Mahira urges to act as per instructions regarding Corona


Mahira Khan has also come up with the message of social distancing as a prior need of hour. She says that it is really important for us to sanitize our selves, stay home. It is a new virus and we are are not experts  , all of us are trying to understand what it is. She says that do care about the daily wage workers

She also said that stop blaming and shaming on social media about the condition.  Just spread awareness.

The Verna actor also said to stop spreading false information regarding virus, don’t share fake news and articles

She expressed her views in an IGTV video which she posted on her Instagram

She has also mentioned the key ideas to avoid and combat Covid-19

She wrote,

” . A few things –
Stay home as much as possible. This can help the virus from spreading in a big way. Wash your hands. Build your immunity, lots of vit C. Help daily wage workers and others who will severely suffer during this time.
Refrain from spreading unverified Whatsapp  videos and articles. Oh also, naming and shaming ain’t cool!
We are in this together. We will be responsible
 together. And fight this together. Ameen. ♥️  “


Well, a lot of media personal are just advocating social distancing. It is really important to understand about it. The ultimate message from the celebrities across the world is to stay at home.

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