Mahira urges privileged of society to do charity right now


Mahira Khan urged to the privileged classes of the society to help those who are in need in these worrisome times when the bread and butter of the people is locked due to the Pandemic that has struck the world too hard.

She says that if you people can withstand a month without work and pay, you must look after those who are not in this position at this time.


Previously, Mahira Khan said that we should not panic and spread rumours in this time when none of us is aware of the novel disease.

She further said in her video that social distancing is a must. She said we need to help authorities by staying at home.

Now, the actress took to her twitter recently about helping the under privileged,

She wrote,

“If you are educated, if you can survive a month without work or in a position of power/privilege then this battle is yours more than anyone else’s! We must take care of those who are not in our position – make them aware, give them paid leaves, make their life easy!  #COVID2019”

It is a “High time” for all of us to take part in Charity .


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