Mahira urged to raise issues instead of using instigating slogans


Aurat March 2020 is just near and Pakistan’s superstar Mahira Khan has notified partakers to be careful with the words, slogans and placards they are using

The actress broadened her support to the march but urge people to come out for the real causes being faced by women instead of displaying placards “that are just there to provoke the people”

She said “We don’t march for ourselves. We march for those who cannot march for themselves,”

The actress also wrote: “As a privileged woman I march for those who are not in my position, who don’t have the basic rights that I have enjoyed since I was born.”


She urged the participants, “Can we then please be careful with the slogans and words we put out? Can we hold placards of the causes we are fighting for, the issues we want to be resolved, the basic rights and needs of those who suffer because they are either unaware of their rights or they are not given to them.”

Mahira also asked , “Can we hold banners of laws we would like to be put into place and those that have harmed women over the years? Don’t we want as many people as possible to understand why we march?”

The actress has clarified that she is  writing this “out of pure observation” and the organisers who have been working to deal with the cause of women’s rights “have a better idea”.

The use of ambiguous slogans have turned the cause of the March into controversy that women actually had stopped associating them selves with the sole purpose of Aurat March.

The actress doesn’t want it to be a walk by some ladies chanting some slogans rather she wants women to do effort and raise the issues the poor and less privileged women are facing

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