Mahira Khan trolled on twitter


Mahira Khan was attacked by fans after she posted the tweets in favour of Aurat March and Freedom.  She got trolled to the extent where she probably had to deactivate her account for a bit.

Well it is not new for these celebrities to get trolled on their opinions , some times they are trolled on being quiet on social issues.

I think it was for a little while that she deactivated to have a piece of mind because after that she restored it

The actress has been vocal when it comes to women’s rights. She has posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption,

” I don’t need superiority but equality “

She also instructed the participants of Aurat March  ,not to use instigating placards.


Her tweet regarding Women’s day reads,

“I personally think it’s imperative that those that stand with the idea of standing up for your rights should write and speak with clarity. A lot gets lost when we try to match jahaaalat with jahaalat, abuse with abuse. There MUST be a difference.”


“I am shocked at what I have just heard and seen!! Sick to the core. This same man who abused a woman on tv is revered and given project after project because of what? We are as much to blame if not more for perpetuating this thinking! #khalilurrehmanqamar “

We must understand that we can’t attack anyone on having the opinion, everyone needs to express their views on their social media platforms we  either agree or disagree with issues but pointing fingers towards people on having opinion is something unbearable and impatient.


Let’s accept each others’ opinions and respect each other instead of attacking them.

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