Mahira Khan levels Aiman Khan in Instagram followers

mahira khan 7

Mahira Khan levels Aiman Khan by reaching 5.9 million followers within two days so for sure Mahira is a star without any competition.

mahira khan

Previously, Muneeb Butt announced that Aiman Khan is the most followed celebrity of Pakistan but that was just for a day or two and until Mahira Khan reached the same number of followers.

mahira khan
Mahira Khan

Now both have equal followers and we think that with so many hit dramas and movies Mahira surely is out of the competition with Aiman Khan.

 The TV actor Aiman Khan has also left the TV dramas for a year temporarily because of her infant Amal, the actor is taking off from dramas for her cute little daughter .

mahira khan
Mahira Khan

Well, let’s see who will reach 6 million first, there wasn’t any competition but Muneeb Butt just announced the top followed celebrity and now fans are looking up to it .

Aiman KHAN
Aiman Khan

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