Mahira Khan is disgusted with Khalil ul Reman Qamar’s remarks


Mahira Khan is outpouring with disgust on the misogynistic  remarks by the writer Khalil Ul Rehman Qamar for Marvi Sarmad.

The troubled situation happened in a Neo News talk show where the panellists were having discussion on feminism. Khalil ul Rehman was one of the panellists and during the discussion he was outraged and said some very harsh remarks closer to body shaming and gender discrimination.


Mahira khan said that she is shocked by hearing such sick words and our society is protecting such a mentality and keeps on working with such person. She said he is the same man who has abused women on TV previously, she is sad that he is being respected instead of being boycotted.

She writes on twitter ,

“I am shocked at what I have just heard and seen!! Sick to the core. This same man who abused a woman on tv is revered and given project after project because of what? We are as much to blame if not more for perpetuating this thinking!  #khalilurrehmanqamar “


She further says,

I personally think it’s imperative that those that stand with the idea of standing up for your rights should write and speak with clarity. A lot gets lost when we try to match jahaaalat with jahaalat, abuse with abuse. There MUST be a difference”.

Well, there are many actors who are outraged with this kind of bad language as Amir Liaqat has said” I can have personal differences with Marvi Sarmad but I really condemn the heartless and discourteous statement by Khalil ul Rehman Qamar”.


The writer has started to appear a lot on tv. He is gaining much notoriety for his dubious notions. Many actors openly criticised him without caring about how big a writer he is.

It is the right time for Khalil ul Rehman Qamar to stop expressing his ideas on the media and even stop writing about them because we live in a strong society that questions misogynistic mindsets.

A big writer is ruining himself by losing control over his mind. We pray and hope that everyone respects each other on social media and make it a favourable place for everyone. 

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