Lux style awards cancelled this year due to Corona

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Lux style awards are cancelled this year due to Corona Pandemic outbreak. The organizers of the biggest awards have declared that this year is not the right time to hold award ceremony rather they will help the people from the money which is allocated for the awards.

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lux style awards

The organizers are of the view that it is the hard time for all of us and we must help those who are in need.

The lux style awards undoubtedly are the biggest awards of the country. Many actors wait for the whole year to get the award  .

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lux style awards

Lux style awards happen in the start of the year in which the dramas, movies and project of previous year are awarded.

It is sad that the good dramas of 2019 will not get any recognition but still the positive part is that the finances of the show will go to those who need it.

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lux style awards

Last year Feroze Khan, Iqra Aziz and Nauman Ijaz got the awards in drama category.  In films category Fahad Mustafa, Ali Zafar, Sohai Ali Abro and Mehwish Hayat won the awards.