London Court sentences Nasir Jamshed & accomplices


Former cricketer Nasir Jamshed and his accomplices were arrested in the spot-fixing case.

According to details, former cricketer Nasir Jamshed and his accomplices Yousuf Anwar and Mohammad Ijaz were arrested. Nasir Jamshed was sentenced to 17 months, Yousuf Anwar three and a half years and Ijaz two and a half years. All three culprits were arrested by the court.

The National Crime Agency sentenced former cricketer Nasir Jamshed and his accomplices Yusuf Anwar and Mohammad Ijaz after investigating the spot-fixing.

Nasir Jamshed also admitted the charges against him during the trial in Crown Court. He told the court that I had also encouraged fellow cricketers to fix the match.

Yousuf Anwar and Mohammad Ijaz, two detained men for match-fixing, also confessed to the charges against them during the trial. Nasir Jamshed has already been given a ten-year ban by the PCB in the spot-fixing scandal.

It should be recalled that the National Crime Agency arrested 35-year-old British citizen Yousuf Anwar and 33-year-old Mohammad Ijaz two years ago in February and three persons, including Nasir Jamshed, were accused of spot-fixing in Bangladesh and Pakistan cricket matches.