Lockdown in Karachi | Rangers in action


Police and Rangers have been deployed at various places of all districts, police officials said. Do not leave homes unnecessarily during urban lockdown. No exception against those violating Section 144. Violators will be imprisoned and fined for violating lockdown.

On the other hand, after the start of the lockdown at 12 pm. Pak army rangers and police marched on different areas of the Karachi and major highways including Shahrae Faisal, Saddar, Azizabad, Garden in Karachi.

Citizens were also punished on the spot for violating Lock Dawn, while several people were detained, while in many places citizens were punished for violating the law.

According to police, 58 people were arrested and 17 cases registered in Karachi alone. 37 people were arrested in the South Zone, one in the East and 20 in the West.

It should be noted that the number of cases of Coronavirus has increased to about 800 across the country and the Punjab government has summoned the army.

Sindh government holds lockdown across the province from 12 pm on March 22, citizens are instructed to stay in homes under lockdown.

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