Lockdown Ended In Wuhan China After 76 days

Lockdown ended in Wuhan

US media has claimed that the 76 days lockdown ended in Wuhan the city of China after the controlling the spread of the Coronavirus. Wuhan is considered as the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus named as COVID-19. The virus has spread to more than 180 countries now.

According to a foreign news agency report, the deadly COVID-19 virus that has been pawing on China’s industrial city of Wuhan since December 2019 has engulfed the entire world today.

The Coronavirus outbreak first made the city of Wuhan a victim, where the virus was spreading rapidly, and thousands were being affected and killed on a daily basis.

Given the seriousness of the situation by the Chinese government, it was Wuhan’s lockdown decision, after which Wuhan’s air and land route was cut off from all over the world, including China.

China shut down Wuhan, a city in the province of Hubei, on January 23, which was abolished 76 days later, as the virus is now fully in control in Wuhan. Now, the breaking news is that lockdown ended in Wuhan.

Wuhan was the first city where the first case of the deadly Coronavirus was reported. Coronavirus has now infected more than 14 million people worldwide.