Khalil ul Rehman’s rude statement puts him into trouble


Famous writer Khalil Ul Rehman Qamar is again in the news after his rude remarks on actor and director Adnan Malik. He called him a “transgender “, after listening to the remarks from Adnan Malik about himself.

Let’s see what Adnan Malik posted before it all started,


Adnan Malik has regretted his decision of playing Khalil in Sadqay Tumharay on which the writer said that now a days we are surrounded with a lot of transgenders and un luckily one of them played a role in my drama Sadqay Tumharay, well, it is cleared that he said it to Adnan Malik.


He was criticised on social media on his remarks on Adnan Malik and again the celebrities have come across an issue to talk about. Well we rarely see our celebrities to speak but whenever it comes to controversy they definitely give their opinions.


Well, let us see if it will stop or will become another ongoing social media spat.  Now a days our celebrities are just fighting on social media, tolerance level of all the celebrities including anchors, writers, analysts and actors have reached to zero

Many of celebrities only urging to practice patience as it is the need of the hour. Khalil ul Rehman Qamar should stay quiet for all the good reasons.

We will loudly and clearly spread the message of peace and unity, that is how the showbiz industry in Pakistan will flourish otherwise it will be just lobbying and grouping. There was the time, super-hit dramas like Humsafar , Zindagi Gulzar hey, Piyare Afzal, Dasstaan came and were super-hit because neither the actors nor the audiences were divided on the issues.