Kahin Deep Jalay Ended with its exaggerated theme

Kahin Deep Jalay

Kahin Deep Jalay Ended with its exaggerated theme.

So Kahin Deep Jalay ended with all its exaggerated theme in which Shamila did everything bad with Rida and destroyed her Married life, destroyed her brothers’ lives as well.

Kahin Deep Jalay

The fans seemed to be unhappy with the dragged story. Fans commented that at the end of the episodes of almost all the dramas the villain comes in a sympathetic condition . Fans also questioned about Shamila’s character that where was her conscience earlier when things were too bad and distasteful and she was doing everything bad, the fans say writers keep every apology for last episodes in the dramas.

Kahin Deep Jalay

Well, of course its all about adding the spice into the stories which is to de-track the fans from soft and harmonious  love stories which was Pakistani Dramas style.

Despite over melodrama the drama was being  watched and praised by the audience. Neelum Muneer also thanked fans for loving her character. The drama also gave a lot of margin to all the actors in leading and supporting roles because of too uncertain situations of the characters.

Kahin Deep Jalay

Some fans are of the view that the writer Qaisra Hayat needs to reconsider about changing her writing style because she adds so much of imaginary drama into her writings that it is not acceptable by audience.

Well the happy ending of the drama was loved by the audience they loved the Reunion of Imran Ashraf and Neelum Munir.

Kahin Deep Jalay

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