Jibran Nasir applauds Sindh government’s measures at airport


Social worker, politician and Actress Mansha Pasha’s fiance Jibran Nasir recently went to the US and shared a post on his Facebook account about the measures taken by Sindh govt on the airport to fight with the spread of Corona Pandemic. He applauded Sindh Government’s steps.

Jabran Nasir writes in his post,

”  I arrived in Pakistan after spending a week in the US, I spent 3 airports and numerous train and subway stations, screened by US authorities despite the spread of the Corona virus and the dreaded situation. Not done
He said that when I came to Karachi, all the steps were there and so I applaud the Sindh government.”


 Jabran Nasir has also said “I have limit my movements because in most cases of Corona It did not show any symptoms for about a week so I will not meet anybody, also will have all the proper check ups.”

He also recommended the same to all other Pakistanis who are reaching from abroad.

To that His fiance and actress Mansha Pasha replied,

” It’s hard for me as I have not already seen you for a week but precaution is better “


She further said, ” I hope the test comes negative “.

Well we wish him health and safety. Also we would like to urge all of you to stay safe and healthy in current situation.