Jemima’s hilarious dig at a meme on her and Imran Khan amuses Pakistanis


Jemima is famous for her hilarious digs on Twitter. Recently Jemima has tweeted a meme which is a comic poster of  Prime Minister Imran Khan along with his wife Bushra bibi and Jemima herself.

Jemima Khan sarcastically quoted about the idea of the poster in which Bushra Bibi is shown with a magic ball , the caption of the poster says ‘How did you do the magic spell ? Jemima shared amusing emojis and translated the Urdu captions into English, she also wrote on her Twitter “who doesn’t like posters of Lollywood?” She later on referred about a friend in Lahore who shared the hilarious poster with her.

Later on, on a serious note she wrote about the poster that “Nobody wants to be ridiculed  like most of you, I find it funny. “

Praising Pakistani movies’ posters she wrote that street art and truck art are beautiful as always in Pakistan.


Previously, she also shared the comments of Pakistanis who often force her to be back in Pakistan with Imran Khan . She has also refuted the idea of being reunited with PM Imran Khan.

Above all Jemima is loved by all the Pakistanis for her daring nature to share the memes and posts about her.


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