Javeria Saud claps back at trolls


Javeria Saud is also on TikTok where she posts TikTok videos with her children. The purpose and message of the videos are to put forward the information regarding the fatal pandemic .


In their latest videos, Javeria Saud and her kids have taken the hand emoji challenge in which they were criticised on dancing amidst the corona outbreak however the actress shuts the trolls by saying that it is one’s own choice whether to dance or not in any circumstances. She further said that she wouldn’t bear a word regarding her kids.


Besides this, the video was meant to be taken as  entertainment for the fans and followers but it was scrutinised by the famous keyboard warriors .

Many people actually thinks that it’s not suitable time for posting such videos but still that idea doesn’t give them right to troll as it is also not the time to bash each other.

She responded from her Facebook account. Javeria said that she remained calm when people posted negative comments her way but she won’t tolerate the  criticism on her children.


The actress often faces criticism on her YouTube channel as well where she routinely posts videos but most of the time people don’t react wisely and spread hatred, which is bad.

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