Italy reports record 919 COVID-19 deaths in a day


Deadly Coronavirus outbreak continues in Italy and a record of 919 deaths has been reported in 24 hours.

According to the foreign news agency Corona’s war in Italy continues and so far the death toll has reached 9,134. The Italian government has had a lockdown in the country for the past several days, but the virus has still not been controlled.

The death toll in Italy was decreased a few days ago, but now, new cases are being reported rapidly, and the loss of lives of people is still going on.

Considering the situation in Italy is worse than in China, the Coronavirus has caused piles of dead bodies, while beds in hospitals and cemeteries have not left room for burial.

In 198 countries of the world, the death toll from the Coronavirus has exceeded 26,000, while more than 5 Lac 672 are infected and one lakh 29 thousand 949 people have been recovered from the virus so far.

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