Ishqiya loses its track

Ishqiya 7
Ishqiya loses its track

Ishqiya has lost its momentum , the essence of the story has been shattered completely.  The drama has only been revolving around Siddiqui Sahab and his death.  In no other Pakistani drama two episodes are given to a death even if its the death of the young character.

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Two full-fledge episodes were dedicated to the death of Siddiqui Sahab in Ishqiya ,when the viewers were expecting major story twists. The track between Hamna, Azeem and Hamza has been lost in these two episodes when in all other Pakistani dramas we are just accustomed to see a half minute scene of a funeral but here two whole episodes were dedicated to a death which was expected from the start, as per the script.

The pace of Drama Ishqiya has been slower than the turtle who at least tries to approach towards some direction but ishqiya has been slowed down probably in order to gain more air time and ratings. These scenes could be compressed into 15 to 25 minutes but dragged into two episodes.  I hope so audience will lose interest if the story will not progress.

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Audience needs to watch the trio of Hamna, Azeem and Hamna and how the things unfold in future for them.