Is Hamza’s revenge justified in Ishqiya


Drama serial Ishqiya starer Feroze Khan, Hania Amir and Ramsha Khan is pretty much the talk of the town now a days after the latest twist in the story.

The show stars Feroz Khan as Hamza, Ramsha Khan as Hamna and Hania Amir as Rumi . The show is a love triangle where Feroz and Ramasha used to like each other but Ramsha got married to her patents’ choice and didn’t tell her lover , who after knowing about her secret marriage proposed Rumi ( Hamna’s sister).


The story has gotten interesting when Hamna is , best possibly trying to convince her parents on not accepting Hamza’s proposal. She is also trying Hamza to back off from his decision of marrying Rumi.

Whereas Hamza is completely in anger and doing it all as a revenge to Hamna. He also warned her about being in war with her , which will be destroying many lives.

What do you guys think, Is Hamza right?

Well, his anger is justified because Hamna has kept him in dark about her nikkah and she has also kept her family in dark about having a boyfriend at university.

The story has to get more intriguing in coming episodes where Hamza will marry Rumi and Rumi on the other hand , is also taking interest in Hamza.



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