Is Feroze khan Making YouTube Channel

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Is Feroze Khan to follow tha band wagon of joining YouTube Channel.

The actor has written this on his twitter with the caption that reads,

Guess who is dropping a YouTube Channel soon ?

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Which is a surprise but we speculate that it is our very own actor who is going to open his own YouTube Channel as lately the actor has taken break from Showbiz but currently his drama Ishqiya is on air and gaining much popularity because of the typical love story which does not get its desired destiny.

The actor has again deleted his Instagram account which is fair because he seems to be unhappy with the social media.

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The actor had also announced to launch his own clothing line, it seems that Feroze Khan is convinced that he has to do anything other than dramas and films.  He’s been into Learning, he’s been into charity, he’s been into everything but strictly denied to do further dramas, which is heart-breaking for fans.

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Feroze Khan

Well we wish Feroze good luck for all his ventures, at least fans will be seeing him on YouTube Channel which is good for them .

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Ishqiya Drama

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