Is Ali Zafar fan of Tahir Shah


Ali Zafar can’t wait to see the song by Tahir Shah. The singer has taken it to the twitter that the only thing that makes him nervous is Tahir Shah.

Ali Zafar is famous for his quality satire and this too has broken the fans into laughter,

Ali Zafar tweets,

“The only guy who makes me nervous.”


He shared Tahir Shah’s twitter post in which he gave count down for his new song.

The actor Ali Kazmi has also said that please release it today instead, you never know about tomorrow.

It shows the excitement of our celebrities too.

Fans also commented in favor of Tahir Shah, they say it is only because of Tahir Shah we will be able to forget about Corona for a while.


Well, that’s true whether we like it or not we actually wait for his songs. His previous songs smashed the the records on youtube . Both of his songs have too many views on the youtube which shows that people wait for his songs .