Inquiry Commission Report Exposes Jahangir Tareen

Jahangir Tareen

The scope of the sugar crisis investigation has been widened and another 50 people have been investigated. The Investigative Commission, set up by Prime Minister Imran Khan, was earlier investigating against 192 people who were anonymously trading sugar, including drivers and deputies.

Now the Commission has started investigating the accounts of 50 more people. The State Bank has also been given a list of these individuals and has been asked which banks have their accounts?

The sugar crisis Investigation Commission had earlier sent data of 192 people’s identity cards to the State Bank which will investigate which bank has anonymous accounts. Commission will investigate where the money came from and who is behind the accounts.

According to sources, the investigation found that the sugar was also bought through an anonymous account and 192 people are truck drivers, deputy messengers and security guards, whose names were being used while buying sugar but they are unemployed. Sources said that some people who were working as gunmen used their identity cards for the operation.

Sources say there are more than 192 people in the business of buying sugar, and those involved in the Chinese business have been trading in the name of employees before, they are the old players who do business in the name of owners, drivers.

It may be recalled that the FIA ​​has submitted a report of the recent sugar and flour crisis to the Prime Minister, which revealed that the main beneficiary of the sugar crisis was Jahangir Tareen and brother of Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar.

The Prime Minister announced that action will be taken on April 25 after the forensic report comes out. Jahangir Tareen, on the other hand, dismissed the allegations leveled by the report as political.

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