India Declared Most Dangerous Country For Minorities

Most dangerous country for minorities

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has recommended that India be blacklisted, calling it the most dangerous country for minorities.

A recent report by the US Commission on Religious Freedom states that India was the worst country for religious freedom in 2019. The USCIRF in its 2020 report described the Modi government’s amendment to the Citizenship Act as dangerous for other minorities, including Muslims.

 According to the report, the Modi government’s Citizenship Amendment Act has put Muslims at risk. After the completion of India’s four-year national registration program, millions of Indian Muslims face dangers such as imprisonment, deportation, and loss of state identity.

The report recommends travel bans on Indian institutions and officials violating religious freedom and confiscation of their assets in the United States. The report has declared India the most dangerous country for minorities.

The US Commission in its report has also strongly criticized the decision of the Supreme Court regarding Babri Masjid, revoking the special status of Occupied Kashmir.

 In the report, the US Commission also acknowledged several positive developments by the Government of Pakistan and took the position that the important thing about Pakistan is that the current government of Pakistan wants to talk about solutions to the problems facing religious freedom.

Responding to the report, renowned Indian professor Ashok Swain said that in the eyes of the US Commission, India has fallen sharply.

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