Imran Khan speaks on Maria B controversy


Previously, this week, Pakistani designer Maria B came into the news  after botching her cook’s ailment who was unfortunately tested positive for the coronavirus.


Maria B’s husband Tahir Saeed was arrested by the Punjab police for the negligence of sending him back to his native town instead of admitting him in to hospital or isolating him in his servant quarter. The police arrested her husband on risking lives in this procedure.


The lady came on the social media and cried and talked about the issue, within 24 hours her husband was released, later on the designer’s husband thanked Prime Minister.

The PM has now finally spoken about  the entire issue when the journalist asked him.


To the question Prime Minister replied,

” I have no idea about this scenario and no one in this regard reached out to me “

He further said,

“This is a whole new thing in Pakistan. People have no idea how to deal with corona because it has not widespread in Pakistan as yet. In Italy, people know about the precautions because they have seen their people dying every daily. Here there have been eight deaths in two weeks so people aren’t serious enough yet.”

He also said “You’re right about the negligence though. It is our job. I will keep trying to inform people about all this, ”

May Allah help us dealing with this pandemic and may it will vanish out soon.

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