Imran Abbas fixes hater right on the spot

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas fixes hater right on the spot.

Imran Abbas fixed the hater right on the spot when an unpleasant comment occurred on his video related to mothers day. 

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In his video he simply and beautifully narrated the sacrifices given by mothers for their children. He said that mother is the best creation of Allah who put herself aside, her wishes aside and completely turn herself into our caretaker forever.  We never hug her, show love to her. He said that everyday is a mother day and the time to hug and tell  moms that we love them. He said that May our mothers live long and those who have lost their mothers meet them hereafter .

Imran Abbas

Well the haters never fail to amaze us with their obnoxious comments on the simple post like a video on mothers day and same happened on Imran Abbas’s post when a hater wrote that jews celebrate mothers day. Imran Abbas simply couldn’t handle and replied back, he said ” why? Don’t Muslims have mothers? And by the way leave Instagram it is another jews’ invention that you are using “.

Imran Abbas

Calmness seems quite a harder thing to be practised by the public, we believe that society has to develop patience on things otherwise we will be living in feuds and disputes. The actors also need space and peace of mind at times. We hope to create a better world sooner .

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