I never wanted Sonya Hussyn in Mere Paas Tum Ho , Khalil ul Rehman

Khalil ul Rehman Qamar has said that I would  never have let Sonya Hussyn to act in “mere pas tum ho” even if she was being considered for the role of Mehwish. 

He said,  ” she hasn’t reached that mark to act in mere pass tum ho”. Khalil ul Rehman claims that the actor talked to me earlier about the role being offered to her and confessed that when I rejected the drama, Humayun wasn’t part of the drama but now the actress is too much talking about it.


The writer says that the actress and model Rehmat Ajmal also agreed and happily worked  with the team but later on giving her statements against it.

The writer once also claimed that Humayun Saeed was my first and the last option and choice for the role and likewise Ayeza Khan. 


Well, we think this formula of character and role selection worked for the drama and made it instant hit as the cast was unusual. We also noticed that many people gained popularity out of indulging in the debate about discussing the drama dialogues and characters. 

Sonya’s drama Ishq Zahe naseeb was also the hit and her acting skills are perfect , it seems that the writer is angry with the actress on her refusal to the script.


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