I am working on music during social distancing days, Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat 7

I am working on music during the social distancing days Mahwish Hayat

Leading Pakistani showbiz industry actress Mahwish Hayat has conveyed good news to her fans and said that due to the Corona virus she has started giving time to music during the social distancing days .

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She spoke it with hum  news morning show ‘Subha say agay’. Mehwish Hayat said that we have set up a music studio in the house where I am working now a days.

During the program, she also sang the famous English song, ‘Senorita’.

Mahwish Hayat said that the Corona virus has confined everyone to the home, and it has given us more time to spend with the family.

Mehwish Hayat 9
Mehwish Hayat

“Priorities of the world will surely be changed  after the Corona virus,” she said. She said, “People are collecting the equipment for hundreds of years but reality is that we don’t even know about a single moment ” 

The actress said that the best time you spend in this world is the time you spend with your family or to  help someone and it is the time for that thing when you have sufficient time and opportunity to work for humanity.

Mehwish Hayat 10
Mehwish Hayat

Mahwish Hayat also said that she is also practicing mixed martial arts at home these days.

She further once tweeted that keep your heart clean as well, not only hands.

The actress has been taking complete rest from social media because we haven’t seen Mehwish doing live sessions during these days.

Mehwish Hayat 11
Mehwish Hayat

We wish her luck for all her upcoming projects .

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