“I am responsible of every problem you guys are facing “, Ali Zafar


Ali Azmat ‘s interview with Waseem Badami has unveiled an unseen development of a hidden rivalry. According to the rock star the main reason for PSL 5 Anthem failure is a rival singer who has paid bloggers to malign our song.




This jab at the Ali Zafar  incited his inner wittiness and he took a sarcastic jibe at the singer without naming him.

The singer in his hilarious video says that what ever is the issue going on in your lives, what ever failure you people come across is just because of one person and that is ” me ” Ali Zafar. He further said  paste my poster on your walls and hit me as much as you can, so that all your anger goes away and after that he said in a witty manner ” don’t  play my version of PSL anthem “, that was being purposely played in the background   .

Many actors responded to his hilarious dig at Ali Azmat.



It seems that another rivalry has been unveiled where Ali Azmat also didn’t express any good sentiments for Ali Zafar in Waseem Badami’s show.  however , today Ali Zafar said that Ali Azmat always inspired me and I want him to keep on inspiring me instead.