I am contented in what I chose , Feroz Khan


Feroz Khan , lately , appeared in Waseem Badami’s show. The anchor was keen to ask about the spiritual journey of the actor and also claimed that last year he got the idea that he will be leaving showbiz on which Feroz admitted that things were going in his mind but the final decision was abrupt and the tweet he did as an announcement was totally unplanned. Feroz  said ” I woke up took my phone, thought that it’s about the time to choose either this way or that way and I posted it”


The actor said that Allah is way bigger than these smaller things and fears that what will happen in my life afterwards etc.

He said, ” I feel I am blessed now  fame and money were given by Allah to me when I was nobody  , he made me who I am “

He further elaborated his journey ” I never told this to anyone, I used to study in an army school and my parents barely paid my school’s fees back he”,


He further told that his father was a cab driver on that Waseem Badami said ” I got goosebumps”.

Feroz khan said that fame and money is another aspect of life for me now, I am interested in living Allah’s path. He also revealed that hopefully my siblings also finds right path as I pray for them and when you love someone you ask guidance for them.

He said that you never know if sooner or later you will be going to see Humaima and dua to announce distancing from showbiz .

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