Humayun Saeed’s hilarious advices for actors will make you laugh


Humayun Saeed has hilarious pieces of advice for his fellow Co-stars.

He replied to pictures of following actors in Waseem Badami’s show in a hilarious way.

Seeing Mehwish Hayat, Humayun replies to eat less, he revealed that the superstar eats a lot which is good but not a healthy thing. He said I have also stopped binge eating.


He says to Ushna Shah that she is a brilliant actress but she must keep herself exclusive.

His advice to Ayesha Khan was that she is married now so she should call to her friends sometimes.

His advice to Imran Abbas was to use less make up as he himself is so charmingly handsome who doesn’t need touch ups.

Humayun was also asked a question about Sonya Hussain that how good could she do mere pass tum ho?


He replied, ” the kind of good actress she is, indeed she could do it good .”

The actor replied in a witty manner to all the questions in order to avoid controversies.

The Actor has recently appeared in the most controversial show during PSL edition 5, Har Lamha Pur josh hosted by Waseem Badami.

It seems that the anchor didn’t spill the beans about the latest controversy of Khalil ul Rehman Qamar intentionally because the actor has good terms with ARY digital also he releases his movies under Ary films’ label.

However, Badami asked about Khalil ul Rehman in a harsh way from every other actor. The actors also replied in harsh way, but the interview with Humayun was as normal as nothing has happened previously which was weird on his part. He should treat all guests equally

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