Humaima Malik opens up about her life partner

Humaima malik

Humaima Malik opens up about her life partner in a recent interview on Bol TV with Ahsan Khan.

Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik says that She is ready to marry but whenever she will marry, she will let everyone know about it and all her friends and family are gonna come and dance at her wedding.

Humaima Malik

She said that she needs a man who is well sorted and respects her, he tries to build her up keeping her pasts, struggles and achievements in mind.  She said that what she wants for her is a perfect family and a son.  She says that she thinks that being a mother to daughter is a biggest responsibility which I know I am capable of doing but still I want a son.

humaima malik 7

She also said in fun  , ” I want a fair, rich and blue eyed man who wear blue suit and laughed out loud at her own joke “.

Humaima Malik and Dua Malik were invited in Bol nights with Ahsan Khan where she talked about her marriage

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