How will Ishqiya drama story go in future

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Where will be the story of Ishqiya settled after Hamza’s marriage with Rumi, the new episode of Ishqiya uncovered Hamza’s obnoxious attitude towards Hamna.

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Ishqiya drama

He is simply interested in taking revenge from Hamna which is fair enough because she had remain quiet in the past  , and Hamza was right if Hamna’s parent can accept him for Rumi, they could have accepted him for Hamna as well. Don’t you guys think that Hamna stayed uselessly quiet for four long years.

Hamza could approach her the way he approached Rumi but before Azeem, so yes, Hamna’s Charachter so far has been frightened by the parents, norms and family values. On the other hand Hamna was deeply in love with Hamza knowing her family values which was bad on her part.

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Ishqiya Drama

Now, that Hamza finally reached to take Rumi,  where will the story go, will Hamza take revenge from Rumi or will he be good to Rumi and simply just torturous to Hamna is a big question.

Azeem on the other hand is proving himself to be the best person so far, he actually stood by Rumi till the time Hamza reached the wedding venue which was indeed a great gesture by a brother in law.

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Ishqiya Drama

Let’s see how will Hamna and Azeem develop understanding in coming episodes.

What do you predict about the ending of the drama?

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