Hollywood ‘s biggest releases stopped due to Corona


While the global pandemic of coronavirus has affected other businesses, the Hollywood cinema industry is also suffering.

Big spies and superheroes films, including James Bond, Wonder Woman and Avengers, stalled their release  because of Corona. The release of all these big Hollywood movies has been delayed due to Corona.


The world’s biggest spy, James Bond Zero Zero Seven,  ‘Notime to Die’ were supposed to be released in April, but due to the Corona virus, fans are now in longer wait .

The sequel to the movie Wonder Woman 1984, was supposed to be released in June but due to a deadly pandemic, the release has been postponed till August. Whether the film will be released in August or not, nothing can be said about it at the moment.


The Wonder Woman 5, directed by Patty Jenkins, is the story of a girl with extraordinary powers, a sequel to the 2017 Hollywood film Wonder Woman.

The Hollywood movie Black Voodoo was also supposed to be released on May 1, but now the movie will be released in November this year. Another Hollywood sequel, A Quiet Place Two, has also been released. The Hollywood horror film was supposed to be released in March but now the release of this film has been finalized in September.


The movie Fast and Furious 9, which made a terrible race of cars and a storm of action, also delayed due to Corona. The film was slated for release in May but has been postponed until 2021 due to the corona virus.

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