Hareem Farooq is the biggest fan of this famous singer you must know


Hareem Farooq recently posted her selfie with the legendary singer Atta Ullah Khan Eesa Khailwi. She was completely star-struck as it is shown in her Instagram Picture. Hareem Farooq says that being star-struck is a rare moment for her in her career but this time it is for real .


The actress confessed about her feelings while meeting his favorite singer as her eyes completely got bulged . Hareem Farooq reveals that she is his fan since childhood from his famous songs Kameez teri kali to Piyar naal na sahi and many other traditional songs.

The actress said , ” I am not disappointed being his fan as he is such a humble and kind soul”.

well we can clearly see her excitement level in the picture. Hareem Farooq ‘s gesture of respect is what we need and expect from our young actors because all these legendary actors and singers are our asset and surely this picture is the cutest thing on Instagram. Hareem Farooq’s fan are loving her gesture of love and respect.