Hania Amir and Ali Rehman Khan pairing up together


Ali Rehman Khan is all set to make a come back for his fourth cinematic appearance . He is coming in the film along with Hania Amir.

He is not working for IRK films , the actor is doing a film with Wajahat Rauf this time. The film’s title is “Pardey main rehney do ” .


Both the actors, Ali Rehman Khan and Hania Aamir have already worked together in Janaan, however the two didn’t appear as a couple in the film. Well, we are sure that they will make a great on screen couple.

Wajahat Rauf announced the news on his social media. He has told that the shooting of the movie has started.


It would be Wajahat Rauf’s fourth film. Wajahat Rauf tries to experiment with the cast every time.   His first film was Karachi sey Lahore featuring Shehzad Sheikh and Ayesha Omar. The second and third film were essayed by Mehwish Hayat and Saba Qamar and the fourth one has entirely different cast. 

Wajahat Rauf’s previous film was overall a hit, it did good at box office but wasn’t that much convincing.


Parday Mai Rehnay Do will be his fourth venture starring Hania and Ali as the main lead and is based on a script written by Mohsin Ali. In start  Mohsin wanted to direct the film himself with Ahsan Khan as lead but it didn’t happen and Wajahat Rauf came on board as the director and producer for Parday Mai Rehnay Do.


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