Hamza Ali Abbasi supports release of ”Zindgi Tamasha”


Hamza Ali Abbasi has released a video message in support of the film “Zindgi Tamasha” which he has titled Zindgi Tamasha “Do Not Make a Tamasha”.

Directed by Sarmad Khost’s film “Zindgi Tamasha” trailer, the story has become controversial even as many political and social parties have opened the front against the film and the film has not been released at any cost. Director Sarmad Khost has threatened to give up.

Hamza Ali Abbasi has not only supported the film on his YouTube channel but also appealed to those who criticize the film, saying that before objecting, let’s see what the subject of the film is. The film has neither campaign against Naat Khawani, nor does the film contain any material against Naat Khawani, nor has it been against Islam.

Telling the story of the film, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that this is a very good film whose story is that if you are a naat Khawan, read the praise of Allah, then you have a lot of responsibilities in this regard. Stay away from activities that have a negative impact on your personality.

“If you are justifying this intolerance,” he said, referring to a statement from a political figure that the “Zindgi Tamasha” would release after passing through my dead body. Then there is no difference between you and this RSS worker as they also kill humans for their intolerance and justify that we have done this in the love of our deity.”