Hamza Ali Abbasi praises Zahid Ahmad


Hamza Ali Abbasi backs Zahid Ahmad’s decision on spreading religious information through his you tube channel.  Here we should inform you that Zahid Ahmad has posted a video on his YouTube channel sharing the tips about Salat, he talked about how to be regular in Salat.

The actor is of the view that we all are first Muslims then actor or any other professionals so we must need to be regular in our foremost duty.


Hamza Ali Abbasi mentioned actor Zahid Ahmad, shared his video and appreciated him on spreading Allah’s message. We have recently seen actors turning to Allah which is good. Fans are happy yet curious about Zahid Ahmad’s conversation and attire.

Is Zahid Ahmad the next actor who will be quitting media and will become more religious?

Here is what Hamza writes about Zahid,

” Masha Allah….as Muslims, as ppl who have made a promise with the All Mighty to stand witness to his msg, its so heart warming to see artists using thr fan following to give Allah’s msg. No matter wht our professions r, we must keep talking abt GOD. “

Well it is good that our actors are using their celeb power for the social issues and religious teachings. We have seen a prominent standing of actors on social issues. Our society is going through a time where there is zero tolerance among people especially social media, so we need public figures with opinions to communicate on issues.


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