Hamza Ali Abbasi is happy with Alif’s emotional journey


Hamza Ali Abbasi is happy to be part of a project which is relatively helpful for people to relate with.  He took on to the twitter after the airing of last episode , of drama serial Alif.

The actor has tweeted,

“#Alif Thankful to Allah that I became part of a project which aims to make people reflect on their lives and help them get closer to the All-Mighty.”


Alif has been liked by the viewers a lot, his character transition from a snobbish director (Qalb-e-Momin)  to a pious and practicing soul was admired by the public a lot.  The drama has grabbed a consequential viewership and astonishingly the audiences belonged to the teenage group.  The journey of the characters in the drama was throughout on an emotional path which led audiences to relate to Momina, Momin, Husn e Jahan and Taha.


The actor has many times declared that by now on, he will be going to do the dramas that have something related to humanity and Islam.

The actor has also wished Ahad and Sajal on getting married. It is to be remembered that the last episode of Alif aired on the same day Sajal and Ahad got married.