Hamza Ali Abbasi didn’t quit acting


Hamza Ali Abbasi is the actor who has a biggest fan power. He never did too many projects but still loved by fans. Currently, his drama Alif has become the talk of the town due to its unique plot . The drama is getting closer to its lesson oriented end . Fans and Bloggers are appreciating his character a lot.


Recently Hamza was tagged in a tweet by a blogger in which she wished if the actor had not left the acting.

The blogger wrote,

“Really wish Hamza hadn’t quit acting “

Replying to that Hamza wrote ,

“As I said in my video, I haven’t quit acting because I don’t see it any where in Islam as being haraam in itself.”

The actor also said,

“I just took a long break from acting to give more time to religion & insha Allah will make & maybe act in projects made within boundaries Allah has set for us.”


So, here is a good news for the millions of his fans that he is not probably going off the screen forever but will seek projects closer to his heart and that too, will be instrumental in delivering the message of Islam.

Alif is a great example of the transition of a person from worldly desires to the reality of life. Previously , the actor in his video message said that anything that has a meaning would be essayed by him in future.

He currently reiterated to focus on learning about Islam.

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