Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar khan together make a power couple


Hamza Ali Abbasi is not only a brilliant actor but super creative person as well . It is speciality of Hamza that when ever he shares any of the video, it just becomes viral because he surely has a massive fan following and his fans are missing him on the screen. His star power is for real. Naimal Khawar Khan too has a significant following . The girl earned massive fame after drama serial Anaa along with Usman Mukhtar.


The actor ‘s wife just posted a video on social media in which she along with her husband made a television table and it is so cool.

Both actually made the table with perfection that one can’t say, it is Hamza and Naimal who made it, or probably they have taken the classes for it.

The couple is super cool and super creative they both are utilizing their lock-down days with a lot of creativity. We have also found our actors doing house chores too but this is amazing .

Their selfies on social media often create a buzz , it seems that fans are not yet over them . well it is because they are super cute and were successful in their respective field .