Guess whose call Anoushey Ashraf Missed

Anoushay Ashraf 7

A  Video of Engin Altan Duzyatan is viral on Instagram which is a call to Anoushay Ashraf from her Friend Murat, who hails from Turkey.

Anoushay Ashraf

Anoushay Ashraf missed a call by his friends from Turkey who is a friend of Engin Altan Duzyatan, Anoushay’s friend Murat Facetimed her while he was with Engin Aka Ertugrul, Anoushay Ashraf missed that call because she was meditating by a time  but Engin recorded his message, he said, ” hopefully next time we will talk In Sha Allah and Eid Mubarak “.

Anoushay Ashraf

Well, fans felt that she should have not missed that call and some fans say that why don’t they have friends like Murat who have actually made effort for Anoushay to talk to the Superstar himself.

Anoushay Ashraf

Fans loved the humble attitude of Engin Altan, who has actually wished Anoushay. Ertugrul has become a craze in Pakistan for sure and fans want to hear more and more from it’s stars .

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